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Tips for Buying a Used Car in Connecticut

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We know that drivers are always looking for the greatest value when searching for their next vehicle, and we here at County Line Wholesale want to help you out. There's no point in finding a great price if your vehicle is a huge lemon, so you can be sure that our entire lineup of used vehicles is backed end-to-end with the utmost quality and reliability. We're so confident in the quality of our used inventory, that we certify and warranty all the cars we sell for up to 7 years or 125,000 miles, which ever comes first. Of course, that's not to say there still aren't some tips to keep in mind! Let's take a look and see how to make your car-buying experience all the easier.

How Much Can You Afford?

Your budget is the biggest limitation in your search for the next great used car, and that's important to us. It is critical to think realistically about what you can afford and to stay in your budget when browsing for a new vehicle. If you are unsure about what financing options are available to you, do not hesitate to contact us for more info. When you search our used inventory, you can filter by year, make, model, body style, mileage, features, and most importantly price. Once you've filed down your list to your chosen style or brand, enter your price range and your search will be much easier.

  • Narrow your vehicle choices down by features, brand, or anything else.
  • After that, narrow by price range and you'll find all the vehicles perfect for you.

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We Can Help You Search!

If you have narrowed down your list of vehicles to everything you want and can afford but you still don't quite see anything that grabs your attention, we can help you further. We offer a no obligation CarFinder tool that you can fill out with your required features of a vehicle and then we'll start looking for it. When we find it, we'll send you all the details so you can get the car of your dreams.

Take it For a Test Drive.

There's no better way to get to know a vehicle than to take the wheel for yourself and see how it feels. We offer test drives in all the vehicles we have at our dealerships so, when you come in and find one that interests you, we'll get you set up with a spin around town.

What You Should Consider When Test Driving A Vehicle:

  • Walk around the vehicle. Does everything look right to you? Are you having second guesses about the style?
  • Can you get in and out easily without hitting your head or shoulders?
  • Do you have enough room in the driver's seat to be comfortable? Is everything you need easily reachable?
  • How well can you see outside from the driver's seat? Do any pillars or seats in the cabin obstruct your view?
  • Use the brakes thoroughly. Do they have adequate responsiveness to your particular driving style?
  • Does the vehicle turn and maneuver to your liking?
  • Use the features and technologies in the vehicle while parked. Do they all work properly? Are there optional features that you may not actually want or need?
  • If you're test driving when it's still light out, don't forget to test the headlights and make sure you know where they are, how to use them, and that they provide adequate road illumination for you.
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Consider the Dealership You Are Buying from Too!

When you test drive a vehicle, you should also consider the dealership you are buying from, because chances are you will have your vehicle for a long time and are likely to continue to interact with that dealer. At County Line Wholesale you can buy with confidence, because all the cars we sell are certified and warrantied for up to 7 years or 125,000 miles. Click here to read more "why buy" reasons to choose County Line.

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We understand picking out a car is one of the most important decisions a family makes. We encourage you to take your time during this process.  We offer a wide variety of used cars, trucks and SUVs to give you the best options possible, including:

Don't Be Afraid to Look at Something Else

Even if after you've found the right vehicle on our website, called us to ask about it, came in and looked at it, and taken it out for a test drive, it's okay to decide against the vehicle. Finding the right car is a process and, even if you get relatively far in your decision, you can change your mind and continue to search. All we want is for you to find the right ride at the right price.

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